The Ba.ck-up P..la.n (review)

I watch the early morning news on ABC and their in-house critic was brutal. He outright insisted everyone save their money and stay home - that he HAD to endure it for professional reasons but it was awful, "a bomb!" He was even more brutal about the script and A.le.x O'La.ug.hlin. But I wasn't put off, I went anyway.

Maybe I had such low expectations or maybe I'm just not an idiot who expects a romantic comedy to be of the same calibur as, say, The En.gl.ish P.ati.ent because I actually enjoyed it. I thought it was cute - very light-hearted, totally predictable, sappy at times and provided the yummiest man candy. I mean, that's almost a recipe for a romantic comedy, no?

So for any of the aspiring SMC out there, I absolutely think it's worth 90 minutes and $10.50. Now, remember, I have a massive crush on the lead male actor because I am SO COMPLETELY DISGUSTED by metro sexual men with waxed chests, plucked eyebrows and diamond stud earrings (eeeeewwwwwwwww!). I'm before the time when that became in vogue. I'm from when men who look like men, had pride, didn't cry at the drop of a hat and ran to grab a heavy box from their lady was considered manly.