"Fasting Homocysteine level is DEVINE"

That was the email from my nurse today. Whew! One thing down. Looks like my protocol would probably change only by the extra Folic Acid. Cool with me.

Now for my other worry (it really is always something). Several weeks after the D&C, I was still spotting very very very lightly every day - mostly just on the tissue. Five weeks after the D&C I got my period - for two days and bright red and plenty though not as heavy as usual (and I'm pretty heavy normally). That was on September 20th. I went in for a transvaginal ultrasound today (mostly because I requested it) to see where my lining was and it's 6mm and I have no symptoms of a period coming whatsoever (didn't have the usual PMS in the period after the D&C either).

Of course, I'm terrified that now I have the dreaded scar tissue issue or that I'll forever have lining problems.

I had a D&C summer of '07 to remove a uterine polyp and I had no scar tissue from that and obviously have always had good linings and implantation was no problem.

Seriously, can I just STOP worrying until AFTER I know what's what?! WTF is wrong with me and my hyperworries? I'm really praying this won't be the case and that my uterus is perfectly fine and healthy and that my cycle is just out of swing.



Mutha Fucka! Yeah, it looks like an acronym for a pretty nasty curse - hey, maybe it is!

My nurse emailed today. I'm positive for this gene mutation - whatever the hell it is - and I have to start taking massive doses of folic acid 2x/day and tomorrow I have to have a "fasting homocystine" blood check.

I think there's some debate as to whether this causes miscarriage or not but I believe there's consensus that this does block folic acid absorption and we all know how important that is to ward off birth defects, with spina bifida being a biggie.

Wish I'd known this months ago but I wasn't tested. Anyhoo, very grateful to know now. My next worry and, Lord, I hope it never pans out - but I worry that maybe I have scar tissue from the D&C (no evidence of this, mind you, just my usual neurosis!). And that would suck WAY worse than the MTHFR!

Anyone else have experience with MTHFR?