I love toddlers!

Yeap, I do.  They're fun and funny and mischevious and even though it can be...well...maddening, the good far outweighs the bad (for me, anyway).  Infants, however - ugh!  HATE IT!  Drooling blobs that can do NOTHING for themselves but shit and cry, and they do lots of it.  There wasn't a single rewarding day for me until she began to crawl at 8 months.  Ironically, I'd LOVE another one and with 11 on ice, I could but....c'mon.  I'm 45 now and she took enough of a physical toll on my body (c-section healed after the sponge was surgically removed, of course).  And then there's the childcare costs.  If I were even 40, I'd do it again.  Alas, my little lady is likely it for me - but I can so feel the pull for another.  :)  I've kept up with you all, stalking blogs, cheering and even shedding some tears.  I really feel as though there was a sisterhood between us ladies throughout our different paths and I still hold it close to me and think of you all so very often.

There's so much to say but for now, I'll leave you with pictures of my beautiful little lady - 16 months old.  The love of my life.  And wish you all continued success and happiness and, yes, I'll still be looking in on you all.

(Images removed)