My c-section wound....

First of all, I just don't blog anymore. This fucking c-section catastrophe has absolutely destroyed me since baby's birth.

But I will give everyone an update. After me complaining about not feeling right and asking why the wound doesn't heal for past 2 months (out of 3) and my legs experiencing shooting pains, etc. (why bore you with all of the details?), I saw the Medical Director of the Wound Center last Monday for a second opinion. He is a Vascular Surgeon and said we should open it back up and clean it out and see what's going on why it hadn't healed.

On St. Patrick's Day, I was in recovery when the surgeon told me they found a "sponge inside." WTF?! My best friend, V, came up from Miami to help me with baby that day/night and left this morning. He'd already seen her while I was out of it to tell her same. She was aghast.

But AT LEAST I know now I wasn't crazy in all of the feelings I was having and I feel so much more positive now that this wound WILL finally heal. Of course, the gaping hole inside me is much larger now but as long as I heal, I'm going to thank my lucky stars!

Anyway....hopefully on the mend, FINALLY!