Updated: Cycle Cancelled

Not officially but it will be cancelled.

Fluid still there - same size. So the progesterone didn't eliminate it.

I'm okay because since Tuesday, I've sort of had time to accept that there was a good chance this stupid fluid wouldn't disappear in 2 days.

I love the new doctor they have at RMA NJ (where I monitor locally). She's really open and willing to educate me, despite my not being a patient of their practice anymore, much less her patient specifically. I asked her if this was a one-in-a-million event and she said no, that it's not supposed to be there and isn't that common but it does happen and that they just cancel the cycle and do another. Rinse. Lather. Repeat.

And I'm good with it completely as long as this doesn't recur. That's more of a concern.

But, she claims my period will just evacuate everything and I'll be good to roll.

Emailed my nurse a few minutes ago and asked if I could 1) stop the endometrin suppositories and just give myself a PIO shot tonight to bring on a period instead and 2) if I could start Lupron on Day 3 of my period so as to cycle back-to-back and not lose any more time.

Have no idea what will happen but will post update later. And thank you for the well wishes girls. But these are the breaks sometimes, huh?

Updated: Email exchange with my nurse. 2 cc's of PIO tonight to bring on a period. On CD1 I will begin with the estrogen patches again but no Lupron. There is a 20% chance I will ovulate too soon, which would kill the cycle but they doubt it'll happen because my estrogen has been high. If all goes smoothly, I transfer in 20-25 days. Crossing my fingers.



My nurse called. She spoke with Dr. S.u.rr.ey and he wants me to start the progesterone tomorrow, on schedule. Often the consolidation of the lining caused by the progesterone will push the fluid out (they think it's some mucus).

So now I will go in for another ultrasound check this Friday to see if the fluid is gone - in which case I'll be Denver bound on Sunday.

It is always something and I just hope there is zero fluid on Friday so I can stop worrying.

Thanks girls!


I went for my final lining check before transfer on Monday and they found a pocket of "fluid" in my uterus. That seems to kill the transfer but more importantly, WTF is that?! Now I'm scared!

Dr. Google just made it worse - as usual. Everything mentions the possibility of a hydrosalpinx but I don't have fallopian tubes so it can't be that. OMG! All I keep thinking is, please don't let it be anything bad - please, please, please!

Emailed my nurse - let's see what C.CR.M says.


9mm Triple Stripe


I was a little worried after the D&C in August because the only two lining checks I've had since then have been low (6mm). Granted, my cycles were completely screwed up for a while and crazy long.

My transfer isn't for 2 weeks yet (2/1) so I don't know if I'll be good to wait that long but I'm good to do whatever C.CR.M wants at this point.


FET: February 1

Stupid period took it's sweet time to show up. In fact, it's just been spotting nonsense (which is typical when I'm on BCP's). So...I finally just let the nurse know yesterday that we could count this past Monday as CD1 and get rolling already or we'll never get started.

My calendar had to be rescheduled and the new transfer date is above. Just hope I'm pregnant on my way home from Denver with a take-home baby this time!

Oh and HAPPY NEW YEAR girls!