Triple Stripe, 9mm lining and no fluid!

As much as I dislike the Estradiol pills up my ya-ya and the Smurf leakage, it seems to have built me up nicely.

Well, I'll be making plans with my nurse on when to begin progesterone and fly out.

Thank you so much for all of your support ladies. I will certainly post but not likely until I return.

Big hugs and tons of good, healthy baby vibes from me to you!


At Last!

After a delay and then failed cycle last month due to some mysterious fluid and then TWO delays this month because my lining went from 6mm to 7.7mm to 7mm, I finally put those blue Estradiol pills up my ya-ya and guess what?!

Lining today was 8.5mm, Triple Stripe and "looks great" according to local clinic (RMA).

Now we're working out a transfer date! :)


Estradiol Tablets up the Woo Hoo

But first, I had two big glasses of the most delicious red wine last night at Nat.i.rar.

For those of you close to the central NJ proximity, it's SO worth the trip. Nat.ir.ar is a historic estate on the Raritan River in Somerset County. It was once owned by the K.ing of M.o..racco and has been revamped in part by Sir R.ich.ard Bran.son (of Virgin Atlantic - love that guy!). You drive deep onto the ninety acres, up and around huge, steep hills - which are currently majestically snow covered and densely peppered by gorgeous tall barren trees - to find an old castle. And you continue to follow the road, further and further into the woods. It feels like you're off to meet To.ny S.opr.ano for a "chat." Just when you think you must be lost, that you'll drive so deep into the woods that you'll never find your way out, you see something in a distance. Beyond thick brush and down around a windy hill sits a gorgeous weathered brick mini castle - which is really the estate's now-restored carriage house and garage - with the most exquisite charm and decor and sparkling lights bounce off hundreds of window panes. Inside is "rustic chic" - very chic (and so are the prices). Valet parking only and you walk over perfect cobblestones under a portico. It feels like you're to enter a deeply hidden speakeasy and you're among the selected guests who could keep this secret. I spotted my four girlfriends sitting, drinking, chatting and eagerly waving me over. We had dinner and drinks and not one single whisper of infertility or me trying to have a baby. My good friends don't even know I'm still aiming in that direction and, right now, that was wonderful. We talked about men and sex and vacations over gorgeous and delicious appetizers and bottles of vino.

It's an experience I wish to have again and again. Life can be really really good sometimes.

[Update on cycle: I was actually taking the Estradiol orally, rather than vaginally (YUK!). Yeah, blue estrace tabs up the va-jay-jay and check again on Tuesday morning. I'm not on Lupron so the tricky balance is to keep me from ovulating. My LH and Progesterone levels are low so I might be okay. Ultimately, I don't think a 7mm lining is the end of the world and where DFET's are concerned, fine for success - but let's see if we can't up the odds, eh?]


WTF is going on?!

Lining is STILL at 7mm! (NO fluid - thank goodness for that!)

No idea what is going to happen.


No fluid! :) Lining 7.7 - so I may be delayed a few days/week (updated!)

Do I care about a delay? ABSOLUTELY NOT! That's not even a small concern for me. I ONLY care about fluid in the uterus or another uterine issue. A lining that's not ready yet is NOT an "issue," in my opinion. My linings have never had a problem getting to 9 mm so I'm sure in a few more days I'll be there. Oh and it's triple striped (since last week) so I'm already there on that front. :)

Essentially all good news so far. Now let the lining grow to 9 mm and I can get my baby home. I love this baby, already.

(Update: Increase Estrace pills and go in this Friday for another u/s and b/w check. If I'm good then...)


CD7: 6 mm, Triple Stripe (AND NO FLUID! :)

I am so unbelievably thankful, I cannot even tell you. God, I just hope it stays that way!

My next (and last) u/s before progesterone (and then Denver soon after) is next Tuesday. I'm hoping and praying it'll be fluid free. I feel good that my lining will be at a 9 mm by then because I don't normally have trouble getting it there and since it's already triple stripe, I'm feeling good about the pattern too.

Cross your fingers, pray and send me good vibes girls. I SO much need this chance.

Hugs to you all for your wonderful support. Who knew this community would be so good for me. :)


Glutton for Punishment

My CD1 passed and I'm on Estrogen patches. I have a transfer date but I don't even want to write it for fear I'll have to take it back. Yeah, I'm going to become the worst doomsdayer you've ever known!

So, I went in for my E2 check today and, of course, C.CR.M claims not to have the results but my local clinic swears they've faxed it TWICE. Who do I believe?! Whatevs!

Anyway, my one and only lining check is set for Tuesday, February 16th which is too close to the transfer date for my comfort. Further, I think that's a bit too early for my lining to be the right thickness and pattern anyway, but we'll see. So I decided to add another u/s date on the calendar - THIS Wednesday. If something's going wrong, I want to know it sooner than later.

I'm really not trusting and I want to trust. I want to feel some comfort and be able to count on something. I want to not be disappointed this time.