And the best news of all........

I'm officially on "the list" at CCRM.

All of my tests are back and good and they have all of my paperwork from the last pap and mammogram and physicals - I'm done with all of it.

After 2 laprascopic surgeries, 3 hysteroscopies, removal of both fallopian tubes, 2 saline sonograms, dozens of transvaginal ultrasounds, too-many-self-injections-to-count, dozens of blood tests for every infectious disease known to man, 1 cancelled IVF, 1 failed insemination, 1 donor embryo transfer, the heartbreaking chemical pregnancy that resulted and a whirlwind trip to Denver and back in 24 hours, I'm IN!



DCat said...

Sky, thanks for posting and the positive comments. I am doing my best to hang in there. You eventually get to a point where good or bad, you just want to know. Today this is where I am.
Things are on their way for you!!! Awesome!


Lorraine said...

Wow, you have cleared a lot of hurdles! Congratulations on being officially vetted!

Jill said...

That's great news! Congrats! Any idea how long it takes from this point?

I'm obviously a big CCRM fan, so I hope that they can work a miracle for you very soon!

Sky said...

Thanks everyone for posting such hopeful words!

Jill, CCRM said it's a 6-9 month wait but I heard, unofficially, that it will probably take less time because my criteria for a match is BEYOND loose. Even if it takes a whole 6 months, I will be okay with that - but not thrilled about 9 months!

However, if I am successful then I I am perfectly happy with 9 months! :)tivenc

Me said...


Me said...

Yes. Very much so.

Weird fact: As I said, I found you via Bridges. But after I came over I noticed that Kami is who submitted your post to Bridges. And Kami is one of my very favorite bloggers of all time. I (egotistically) say great minds think alike. ;)

Sky said...

Darwin girl, hee hee hee. Oh, I didn't know Kami's post was up on Bridges - I'll have to check it out. :)

I think I know what the post was about (lack of genetic child in my future) and I do think that my very scientific view of things certainly helped me reach that place!