The Ba.ck-up P..la.n

The movie releases mid April and I can't wait to see it. Stars Jennifer L.o..pez and the absolute all-time hunkiest guy on planet Earth (Al.e.x O.'L.ough.lin). He used to star in a short-lived series on TV about vampires (Moonlight) and I thought he was over-the-top dreamy. He's actually Australian but he's usually speaking in full-on "American" for roles.

Anyway, I can't wait to see this movie. It's about a girl who has reached the...ehem...later reproductive years and decides to have a baby without the husband part because as you all know soooooo well - women have biological clocks. Men, not so much.

So she has an IUI using a sperm donor and apparently meets this hunk in the cab on the way home. Within days they're dating and judging by the trailer, she announces her pregnancy five minutes after they do the deed for the first time to which he teases "I'm pretty sure it doesn't happen that fast." Of course, it's the product of sperm donor #XYZ's and the story ensues.

I'm fairly sure it'll be no contender for the Academy next year and that it'll probably suck in the box office except for J..Lo fans and SMC and the really committed chick flick connoisseur (I'm guilty on the latter two counts), but I'm really eager to watch.

And can I just say, for the record....I'm not some SMC activist. Frankly, I think doing what I'm doing should be done with EXTREME caution and consideration and a lot of thorough planning (check, check and check) but for women like me, who've waited longer than a maternal whim at 23 and who have some financial stability and can make a sustained commitment for life (this is a biggie and ladies who are still hopelessly-and-desperately-searching-for-the-love-of-their-lives-in-bars-and-on-all-occasions need not apply), I hope perceptions can change a bit.

Further, I truly love any movie that provokes thought about the genetic code when it comes to love and parenting. I know there are many men out there whose sperm isn't quite doing "the trick" and their children (via sperm donors) are no less their children. Same of the mothers via egg donation or surrogacy (regardless of egg provider) and parents through adoption.

I'm a pragmatic, science-minded individual and I understand and agree that any child from my body will not be my genetic offspring but will be no less my child than one who shares my DNA - and no less my child than one I would adopt. Parenting is so much what defines who our children are and who their parents are.

Imagine a heart transplant. It's true the organ doesn't share your DNA but it's YOUR heart and always will be.

So any time Hollywood wants to help open minds and hearts in a productive direction - in no matter how light-hearted a storyline - I'm all for it.


Paige said...

Yeah, he's HOT! I wish we bloggers could all go to that movie in a big group. I'm sure there would be a lot to discuss afterward.

irrationalexuberance said...

I love the idea of this movie, but I admit to being afraid of how it turns out -- I could live without any further moralizing about how I should have focused on having a family earlier in life. But man, he is a cutie.

musicmakermomma said...

You go girl! I'm glad Hollywood is making an effort, but it kills me that it always WORKS in the movies. Of course, who wants to go see a show about m/cs and endless IVFs - a quicky IUI that works first time is much neater!

And SMCs are some of the bravest and best people I know. What a huge job to sign up for alone. I think (usually) they think the whole parenting thing through much more carefully than 2 parent households, and unfortunately so many of them are not ready on sooo many levels. Not that anyone is really READY, but you have to think ahead. Sounds like you're all set - let's just get you knocked up!

Sue said...

Yeah, he is HOT. I remember that show and was bummed when it disappeared b/c he was just so fun to look at! I will totally watch this movie - I am also a sucker for anything that challenges (even in a superficial cutesy way) Americans to think about these topics.

Rosie said...

I was trying to be a SMC for a while there, and during my 11 IUI's I had plenty of fantasies about my sperm donors... not going quite to the extent that this fairytale movie is, but certainly projecting quite a bit about who they were, etc. Leave it to hollywood to take it this far.
Now I'm doing it about my egg donor...

Me said...

Are you going to give us another update or what? ;)