I broke up with my NJ RE

Today was the day, it had to happen. I called my nurse who, of course, called me back 8 hours later (better than last time when it was 2 days later) - that kind of unprofessionalism just made me feel good about the break up.

I told her I was going to pursue an egg donor cycle with CCRM and that the reason was based purely on statistics. But that I would like for them to do the off-site monitoring and that I needed a copy of my entire patient file. So looks like we're good.

Now I'm ready for my CCRM work-up and though I thought I'd do it this cycle, I think I'll wait and though the thought of more waiting doesn't sit right with me, let me tell you what sits worse with me.

I need to have that HSG. And here's what I want to avoid. Let's say my tubes are blocked and that I need to have them removed, that will take me out of the running for a couple of months. Well, that will be time that ticks on the CCRM frontier and a bunch of diagnostic tests will have expired on their end that I would then have to repeat. Well no thank you. I'd rather get this god-awful HSG out of the way and if my tubes are blocked, schedule the laparoscopic surgery to remove them, wait a month and then have my CCRM work-up and get on "the list."

That way I'll know that once I've cleared the work-up, there is nothing but an available donor keeping me from starting that cycle. :)

Sound rational?

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