Welcome to Plan B

Today's the day. I have a phone consult with CCRM. I played hooky from work because I just couldn't deal with the 45 minute commute only to leave at noon anyway so I could head home for my call with the clinic later today. So I'm nursing a stomach ache and chills, on the record. Off the record, I'm enjoying a nice cafe latte and blogging with two out of my 3 furbabies in the room. They definitely wish I could be a full-time mom - me too!

My boss K tells me last week that she thinks her husband "has a girlfriend." It was a "Lottery Moment" (see post for descriptive terms: "Lottery Moment," "Write the check," "Cat's in the tree," "Cat up your Ass" and "Of course it's my egg!")

So, when K tells me this, I didn't have the winning ticket so I didn't say "A girlfriend? As in singular? Are you fucking kidding? The guy has been using you every day of this sham-of-a-marriage for a green card and a sugar mama. And he's a greasy, slimy dirt ball who's programmed to hit on every female within a 60 foot radius. And you think he's got "a" girlfriend? Listen sista, be grateful if he doesn't have herpes and HIV - the gifts that'll keep on giving; a girlfriend has an easy fix: GET RID OF HIM!"

Instead, I said: "well, how do you know?" and she said she'd had his cell phone charges printed out when she was changing their family share plan and he'd logged in 17 HOURS worth of calls in June to a number in the next area code and when she called the voicemail belonged to a woman. She added "calls at 11 pm, 2 am - all hours of the evening." And I said "Oh K, that's probably a billing error because at that hour, he'd be sleeping and you'd know if he weren't there." Though that's a LONG SHOT, I meant it in earnest. I'll admit I was only married for 7 years but I sort of think you'd know if your husband is making calls at 1 am (and I sleep like a rock!). I don't know - I think we're programmed to hear certain things. I mean, I can sleep through thunder and lightning storms that take down power lines and pepper neighborhood streets in broken Oak trees yet I wake up the instant my dog barks or cries just once. Our brains are wired to respond to certain sounds. I kind of think that my husband leaving the bed at 1 am several times a week to sit in the living room and chat on the phone would trigger something for me. K said "well, no, because he often stays downstairs watching TV until the middle of the night and then comes to bed." Uh-oh!

Then she said "and on Friday and Saturday nights he goes to the bar by himself and doesn't get home until 3 AM."

You know, #1 I was busy. But #2 is that I wanted to get up and sock her in the mouth. Goes to a bar by himself Friday and Saturday nights?! I mean, are you an idiot?! Listen, wives should trust their husbands - yeap, I get it and agree with that statement. Generally people cheat because the marriage has other problems - I also agree with that. And husbands and wives have a right to go out on occasion with friends (yes, even to a bar) and be trusted. BUT circumstances and opportunity will often dictate unfortunate outcomes. Relationships are difficult enough without having one partner frequenting a bar twice a week and returning home at 3 am. I mean, don't you think that's going to be a dangerous environment at some point in your marriage?!


So she didn't go into the office last Friday because things got ugly at home Thursday night after she confronted him. Apparently she's changed the locks on the house - which is only a smart move if she didn't wind up spending $500 to change the locks only to hand him the new keys in 2 weeks when he sweet talks her. Personally, if I was going to forgive him anyway, I'd rather spend the $500 paying for new pots and pans after denting the current ones over his skull. But that's just me. ;)

Well, all this to say that though I'm playing hooky, I'm wondering what's falling apart at work since my "boss" is probably not in again today. I have never reported to someone who had so much DRAMA in their lives. It exhausts me.

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