Lottery Moment

This refers to your behavior AFTER you quietly collected the net check for 90M from the Mega lottery and the money is right now safely deposited into your bank account.

It changes things, truly.

Presuming you go into the office to tell them you'll be wrapping up your projects for the next 3 days and transitioning them over to someone else 'cause you're leaving the company (regardless of whether you tell them you won the jackpot), there will be moments that will provide you the freedom to say what you wanted to say a thousand times but since you didn't have the millions of dollars to say it (lest risk losing your job), you kept your mouth shut.

For me, that would be saying to my boss "STOP BITING OFF MORE THAN YOU CAN CHEW!" Your idea of working is to arrive at 11 am, run errands from 12:30-2, return until 4 and then bolt out with one "emergency" or another. And while you're here, you spend 60% of the time doing personal stuff (bills, calls to lawyers, therapists, florists, whatever!). So it's best that you STOP initiating more projects to work on only to not be present to the meetings and
fail to make the deliverables. And another thing: get a book about self awareness! Though you think you work a 9-5, that has NOT happened one single day in the 2 years I've worked with you.

It isn't a real work day until I get a call from someone looking for K and finds the voicemail on her cell phone is full and not taking new messages and is in desperate need for a file she promised and for her attendance in a meeting she's blown off.

Then I have to scramble to try to help them somehow. Ugh!

Obviously, my lottery moment would be to sit K down and have a come-to-Jesus meeting! Of course, she'd have me fired 5 minutes later which would be perfectly fine with 90M bucks in my bank account.


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