35 lbs!

I must lose them! But I confess that I'm a diet quitter. I love things like sweets much, too much and I find myself slipping off the diet wagon within hours of beginning. What is wrong with me?!

And I really want to lose the weight before I am pregnant 'cause God knows I'll have more than enough weight piling on then!

So maybe now that I've outted myself, maybe now I will feel ashamed enough to be good and stick to a plan. The surgery to remove my clogged fallopian tubes is next Tuesday (Gulp! Please Mom, watch over me and make sure I get through better than new!) and I truly want to join the gym less than 2 weeks later - September 20th, that's the day.

Working out has never caused me to lose weight, that much is true. But what it does do (other than help tone my body) is to put me in a frame of mind that is committed to healthy eating and healthy living.

Here's my plan. I won't be at CCRM for at least another two months for the initial visit. Then I might wait up to 6 months or more for an egg donor match. Frankly, my criteria isn't blond hair and blue eyes and I understand the wait for that is longest so it could be much sooner for me. But if I can manage to lose 6-8 lbs/month, I could easily be down 25-30 lbs. in 5 months.

I know I would feel so much better to have this excess weight off of me at last.

So feel free to police me starting with September 20th. If I didn't join the gym, call me on it! :)


Lorraine said...

Hey! I think you might actually be me...

I always just forget that I am on a diet and then someone brings homemade brownies to the office and I don't even think about not eating them.

I, for one, will check up on you - and hopefully be inspired myself!

Sky said...

Oh Lorraine, bless your heart! I need to lose the weight for a variety of reasons having nothing to do with the pregnancy I hope to be carrying by late Spring '09.

And I think my post caused some celestial event whereby even the world wants to keep me in check. Today I got home from work (I promise, this is true!), opened my mailbox and found a promotional card to the Fitness 19 gym down the road - the exact place I will join on September 20th. It even had a deal of $25 for an hour with their trainer.

I'm going for it! (thanks for helping me :)