My baby daddy's other baby

How could that headline sound any more trailer trash?!

I'll begin by laying it on the table, I fell in love with my sperm donor. Yeap, pathetic, I know! I love him so much that I wouldn't DARE disclose who he is or the name of the sperm bank because I fear that every single woman out there has just ignored him, for whatever reason and I'm eternally thankful. I bought 2 ICI vials and actually pay to store them at the sperm bank because I'd be devastated if someone snatched them up sooner and I lost out. In fact, tomorrow I intend to buy one more vial (just in case!).

I loved everything about him (intellectual and otherwise). One problem - no adult picture, just a baby pic. And you know what, it barely mattered. I loved him on paper and I loved his voice and I loved his words and I loved an intellectual passion he has that we share. So you get it, right? I love him - the guy who jerked off into a cup for god-knows-how-many-years!

So I decided to see if I could hunt down any of his offspring out there and signed up for the donor registry site (and plunked down $50 bucks for the off-chance I would make contact with a parent to one of his offspring). Voila! It happened. The most awesome angel, "D," mother of the most beautiful little boy wrote me back and actually attached 4 pics. I cried. I looked at this little guy and I saw my future baby. I thought, there he is - beautiful and perfect with 10 fingers and toes and I wanted to eat him up!

"D" said there is a bunch of the mom's of this donor on Facebook so I'm going to try to get in the group and make some connections. I would love to one day share pictures of my own baby and half-sibling to theirs.

So if you're reading this "D," thank you again from the bottom of my heart for opening up your private world to me. I'm so very grateful.

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