Time heals all wounds

Figuratively and literally. The day after my surgery, I felt like Mike Tyson went a couple of rounds with me in the ring - focusing on upper body blows. My throat hurt and my neck was sore - even my jaw hurt. Believe it or not, I worked from home because I am so busy at work, I just couldn't check out after the surgery. And the day after that (Thursday), I just drove into the office and worked but I felt like shit. My breathing was depressed and I struggled to inhale without pain. I contemplated calling Dr. M but decided to wait and see. Well, yesterday (Friday), I woke up, showered and felt about 60% better than day before.

Today I feel totally well. Sure, I get some pain in my abdomen probably associated with internal healing and the stitches but, otherwise, I'm good. :)

Even my mental state is better. I decided I'll head out to CCRM at the onset of my next cycle so I can get on the donor egg waiting list and then do what I have to do....wait.

And I've lost 3 lbs. since the surgery. Woo Hoo! (another 32 to go!)

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Sara said...

Hello Sky,

Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. I came back and read your entire blog and find it very interesting - I hadn't managed to find a recipient's blog to see what they all go through. It certainly brings a whole new perspective to what I'm doing as an egg donor, and motivates me even more.

On the topic of getting on the donor waitlist, had you considered finding one now at an agency so you can start as soon as you and the donor are ready? There are many agencies that recruit women from Denver, so I don't think you'll have a problem finding one immediately.

I really hope your cycle here in Denver goes well for you. Crossing my fingers!