In the 2WW

What a stressful time - Boy do I know it! I remember coming home from the transfer thinking I couldn't last through dinner without POAS (peeing on a stick), never mind last 2 weeks. Okay, and my RE didn't even wait two weeks but 9 days! Seriously, I couldn't even go to a 2 week RE - I'd just consider them sadistic!

It's maddening. You think, oh, there's a twitch, yeah, it's working and then you bend down to grab your shoes and berate yourself for killing the embryos. You read into everything - the achy boobs or lack thereof, the nausea, the hiccups, the headaches, the irritability, the moodiness. Now every last symptom - YES, EVERY LAST ONE - has been attributed to zero pregnancy and pregnancy with triplets. Unfortunately, between the estrogen and progesterone IVF queens take, no symptom can be trusted as it could be chemical or natural.

And do you know what the agonizing truth is? It WILL NOT end - EVER! Because even if you're lucky enough to get that BFP - the two elusive lines, that sweet magical state of being, you'll then obsess over the initial beta. Then you get a beta over 100 - good number, but you'll still worry that it won't double within 2 days and that it would not be a good sign. Then you'll worry about the egg sack, the fetal pole, the heartbeat, the amnio, the baby's weight at birth and is he meeting his milestones 'cause you'll see other babies at 3 months who are doing geometry! Ugh! It's maddening and, I suppose, par for the course in the life of a woman who is a mother. :)

But right now my heart goes out to the lovely ladies whose blogs I frequent that are in the very very very early stages of this - their 2WW's. So if you get a sec, stop in and wish them well:

Emily the Hopeless
And Jill (who will be in the 2WW in a couple of hours)

This is the most anxiety-ridden time for these ladies (and their other half) but it's also exciting!

Best wishes girls!

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