Needles don't bother me

Can I just say how grateful I am about that!

Public speaking will cause me to hyperventilate in a manner that is EXTRAORDINARY and beyond phobic - I can't even speak! Well, I don't do it - that's just all there is to it, I don't. When I have to give an update in a staff meeting or on a conference call, I take 5 mg of Propranalol (a beta blocker) about 30 mins prior and it gets me through. But a stand-up-in-front-of-a-room-before-50-people-and-present?! No. Fuck no.

Airplanes cause me some anxiety (the whole crashing thing or watching 3 Middle-Eastern looking men jump from their seats and tie red swaths around their heads) and I'm just not good with turbulance. But, overall, it's okay - I try not to think about it. Heck, if I was truly phobic, I would NEVER have chosen a fertility clinic halfway across the country!

But needles - something that strikes major phobia in tons of people - nope! I'm A-Okay on that front! And good thing, huh? 'Cause by now I've probably injected myself with HUNDREDS (stims, suppression, progesterone) and blood tests galore. Heck, I've even injected Progesterone into my own hip (both sides!), with that thick, long ass needle that looks like it'll hit a bone!

So, for whatever it's worth - I thank the needle gods for giving me a pass on this one! (because how you do IVF with a needle phobia is TRULY beyond me!)


Lorraine said...

The needles don't really bother me either. I hate the PIO because every time I get in my car and the seat-back touches the bruised areas I actually yelp out loud. But the part where the needle plunges into my flesh? Not really a problem.

(But I'm also a turbulence wimp- maybe there's some kind of correlation?)

Linda said...

I, too, have a fear of flying. So we drove from Penscola, FL to Denver. I can't stick myself with needles, so that's why DH has to do it. You are brave for sticking yourself, especially with the long IM needle. I shudder at the thought! lol And that's why we hired a nurse to come to the hotel to give my my hCG trigger shot. Good luck with your cycle!