Next Flight Denver Bound

Okay, don't get too excited there - that was me playing with words. No, I have no match yet and don't really expect to hear a peep until after the New Year. Digressing for a moment, isn't it odd that I have this deep-rooted feeling that I'll hear from CCRM in mid January with a potential match, that I'll take it and that I'll be in Denver late February/early March for transfer? Nuts, I know, but it's just a feeling - maybe a timetable my brain set up when I wasn't watching.

Anyhoo, I just got back from Charlotte, NC and Miami, FL before that - a week away on business. HATE IT, HATE IT, HATE IT. My boss loves to travel for whatever reason and loves off-site meetings and being the center of attention. Me? Not one bit. So when I landed in Newark International Airport today (for those of you who've never lived in NJ, please refrain from judging NJ by the standards of the airport surrounds - they're dismal and embarassing. Truly, NJ is called "The Garden State" for a reason - it's really beautiful but there are definitely hell holes and the airport is smack in the belly of the beast!).

The instant the wheels touched down I thought, no more air travel for me - forget it! It's a major inconvenience (and expense - I have to kennel my amazing little dog whom I absolutely adore!) and I dread traveling for business. This was it for me.

So now that all of that 4Q business travel is out of the way, the next time I board a jet will be for my flight to Denver and I'll leave there with a couple of lovely embryos inside me.

I still vacillate between "Am I nuts?" and "There is nothing I want more!"


Peeveme said...

I know what you mean. Right before we started out cycle I felt he same way. When I was doing all the paper-work, mock cycle ect I was full steam ahead. When you stop and think abotu it... it gets bit scary. I think that is normal for any big-life changing event.

Polly Gamwich said...

I hate travelling too! I'm so excited that CCRM is the next destination! I love that you're going the DE route. It is scary, isn't it? (I haven't done DE, but the thought of this actually working? I'm used to being labelled as "infertile" what will it be like if things are successful? Ok, besides blissful!

Happy THanksgiving

Jill said...

I can't think of a better destination for you next flight!

A good DE story for you: one of my good friends who has been been going through infertility for a few years just found out earlier this week that their first DE cycle worked (well): twins and they are 7 weeks pg!

Hope you have an equally good story very soon!

Me said...

Vacillate away. We all do it. If you didn't that would just be proof you have no clue what you're in for if you're successful. ;)