Lupron starts on Saturday

I had an ultrasound today to check on things and they said there might have been a teeny fibroid but they're not sure it's even that. I remember during my one-day work-up last October at CCRM, the tech does a doppler sonogram on you to see uterine blood flow, etc. and she wrote something in the notes about a possible small fibroid. When Dr. Surrey did my hysteroscopy about an hour later, he wanted to see if it was a fibroid and I heard him say, "That's what I think they were seeing," referring to something that looked like a small "fold" in my uterus. WTF is a fold, anyway?

Well, he said it was all clear. Today I didn't worry so much about this little thing because I think it might still be the same "fold." Anyway, it wasn't my nurse but another who was just going to show it to Dr. Surrey and make sure I was still good.

We'll see. Obviously, it would be pretty catastrophic if the cycle had to be canceled because I needed to have anything going on in the uterus. I'm trying to remain hopeful, however, that it's nothing.

I did ask the doctor at the local clinic (whom is a sweetheart I love) "is that something that would be bad for a pregnancy" and he smiled and gently shook his head "no." So, I felt better about this going forward.

So...back to the topic - Lupron. I start on Saturday and it occurred to me that once I start the Lupron, I will have injections every single day for the next 6+ weeks, hopefully longer as that would indicate success! :)


onwardandsideways said...

Girl, starting Lupron is huge! You are on your way. I am so excited for you!!! Let the sticking begin (and continue!)

It does not sound like this 'fold' is a big deal, whatever it is. I can guarantee you CCRM will not let you move forward until you are totally cleared for landing. Which I predict is heading your way soon.

Hang in there, the waiting sucks so bad, but every day you are one step closer to baby!

Riley said...

Hopefully, it's just the same fold. Sounds like it shouldn't be anything to worry about. Congrats on starting the Lupron. I know the shots aren't fun but at least it means you are on your way - that's so exciting! I'm so happy for you. And thanks for your comments on my blog - very helpful in helping me sort through my own mess! Good luck!

Miss Tori said...

Woohoo! Yea for the Lupron, although I hated that stuff. The ganirelix is so much nicer. lol

Glad to hear that you're making progress, and I'm sure that the fold is nothing to be worried about.