Beta #1 - 167!

To be sure things were still good, Friday night I bought another cheapy Dollar Store stick. Contrary to what people say, I don't think it measures values under 50 so figured if my beta was increasing the stick would indicate so very nicely.

Saturday morning with FMU, I got a second line on the stick lighter than light. In fact, only after 5 minutes and supremely light. I thought FUCK, this is pissing me off - 'cause you know, then I started going down the chemical pregnancy bunny trail and who needs that?!

So I went out right after that to the 24-hour Wal.gr.eens and bought my trusty FRER (The Answer is also a great one - looks like the identical test). Then I headed to McDonalds, had a yummy egg thingy (which likely has plenty of salt incorporated) and some OJ and decided to wait an hour or so until I had to pee. It was plenty concentrated and the second line - for the first time ever - came up at the same time as the first line and pretty rich colored (though not as dark as control line).

Then I relaxed and promised not to POAS until beta.

I emailed my nurse early today after my beta blood draw so she'd know I already knew. She called with big congratulations, which was nice, and said it was a very strong beta.

I have to repeat on Wednesday, of course, and ultrasound on 7/23.

So far, sooooo good! :)

Huge congratulations to my bloggy friend Kami, who just got a positive beta yesterday from a FET with ONE single embryo "leftover" from her successful cycle two years ago. Isn't that awesome?! The icing is realizing that means you get to keep 25K in your pocket vs. a new cycle. That's a lot of cake you can buy for the icing! :)


onwardandsideways said...

Alright!!! I mean, I knew it, but that is a very solid first beta and I shall predict again that you are on your way.

Very, very happy for you. :D

Leah said...

Horray, horray! I was confident based on the sticks, but love to see that great number. :-)

Phoebe said...

That's fantasic news! Thanks also for letting us know about Kami, as I clicked over to congratulate her as well.

However, the money comment stung as I well know how much I'll be shelling out after my failed FET.

Riley said...

Yay!!!! I am so thrilled for you - fantastic beta!! I'm glad you finally have concrete answers since your cheapie sticks were driving you nuts. Woo hoo!! I couldn't be happier for you - so, are you over the moon yet?? :)

Sue said...

Beautiful number! I am so happy for you! (believe it or not, I continued to POAS here and there for the week following my beta...). So, between the two of us, Walgreens is staying in business.

Eb said...

whoohooooooo what great news. That is a great number. Congratulations. So very happy for you!

Me said...

That is a nice strong number!

Miss Tori said...

Yea!! I'm so very happy for you. I've said a prayer or two for you.


Kami said...

Wow! You only transferred one, right? With a beta like that I would wonder about twins.

GL on Wednesday too.

So . . . do you know Tracey over at Baby Steps?

Lorraine said...

Wow! Nice strong beta! I am so excited for you!

Sky said...

Phoebe - honey, I'm sorry about the money comment. I sure didn't mean to hurt you or anyone, truly. More than anyone, this girl who did the most expensive cycle (DE) at the most expensive clinic knows about the financial burden. Only a baby can be worth this (I hope). :)

Kami - honestly, bite your tongue or I'm going to wish octuplets on you! :) Holy crap - after the agony on transfer day and the fear of having twins having finally won out over the fear of failure...NO, it's just one nice healthy singleton! :)

Tori - you are so kind, honestly. You have the inner fortitude and selflessness of a saint. I know it's been so tough for you lately. I also know that you will bring home your baby - and that will be one lucky kid to grow up with a mom whose heart is truly golden.

Thank you ladies! Your encouragement and tolerance to insanity is not only a testament to your patience but, clearly, there is some level of understanding in this emotional roller coaster experience!

Huge hugs to you all!

Jill M. said...

Beautiful number, congratulations!!! Ok, I'll be staying away from those dollar tree tests!

DAVs said...

YAY!! That's a great first beta!!

kayjay said...

Catching up here but you know I mean it when I say CONGRATULATIONS MOMMY!! I was cracking up about your post re: POAS mania and your comparisons between the darkness of lines :). Enjoy every single minute of this!!