I've been called "negative"

But I've never agreed with it. Instead, I have described myself as a realist.

Just because I don't think you're going to sell the house you bought 4 years ago at the height of the market in central NJ in a bidding war at a massive profit in these current economic times, doesn't make me negative - it makes me a realist. I mean, read a paper people, do some research, get a clue. Wanting something to be one way, UNFORTUNATELY, doesn't make it so. Establishing a solid plan to get what you want is what gets you there.

Ironically, my very infertility treatment proves how positive I really am. After all, what negative person could, or would, ever subject themselves to the expense, tears and hope that are fundamentally inherent with every single cycle. I mean, you have to have nerves of steel to get through this with a shred of sanity, never mind get back in the ring the following month. Negativity is simply a trait none of us has, by default.

When I'm bursting at the belly, I'll make sure that those wearing rose-colored glasses know exactly what I went through to get there - what all infertiles must overcome.

So kudos to all of you girls out there in IF land - the most hopeful and positive humans on earth!


DAVs said...

Thanks for this post. Some days I feel like I've become quite the negative person...and many days I forget just how tough I have had to be to survive the last three years of IF, and the last four IVFs. So thanks for making me a feel a little bit better about things.
Wishing you lots of discuss!

Lorraine said...

I am somewhere between a realist and a hope-for-the-best type. Solid plan is always the way to go - daydreaming is nice, but it doesn't get much done!

Jill said...

Great post! I agree with you entirely. IFs seeking treatments are anything but negative. We are eternal optimists!!